Last March I went to a retreat called Sacred Resonance looking for answers. I was constantly moving from goal to goal, never satisfied, always burning out. I didn’t know how to stop spinning my wheels and I didn’t think I could make the changes I wanted to make. I looked outside myself for approval and validation. I felt trapped, restricted, uncertain how to move forward, and sad. Sad that I had done as much as I knew how to do and still I wasn’t where I wanted to be.

I’d had enough with just reading books. I was done not having the answers and knew something had to change. It was at this retreat that I met my teacher for the first time. Something about her called to me. I recognized myself in her. So at the end of the retreat I asked for her help. I needed a new perspective, a re-alignment. My heart knew what to do and she helped me see it.

Hello world! My name is Amy Hudson and I am a sound healer and intuitive coach. I want you to remember your Wholeness. I want you to feel inspired, create authentic connections, have break-throughs, and experience growth. You already have the answers you need inside you. If you are brave enough to get very quiet, filter through the chaos, and connect with your Heart you will hear them.

Working with my teacher led to my true expansion. I began seeing my patterns and how to shift them into power. I created confidence where I once felt unworthy. I curated empowerment where I once sought out validation. I remembered what I already knew.

Here is what I provide: the container, the space, for you to do the same thing. If you are ready fill out this form for your free 60-minute Soul Activation session.

So much Love!

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