I started renting my tiny house out on Airbnb in July 2016 to see if I could make a little extra money while we were on vacation. I never anticipated that it would become so popular and that one day it would not only pay for itself, but for my new car as well. It has been such a blessing for me and I love sharing it with others. I put my heart and soul into designing, building, and decorating. I was only able to live there for 18 months but love it just as much now as the day I moved in.

This home is only 714 square feet in size but boasts 2 full bedrooms (yes, with doors) and 1.5 bathrooms. Every square inch of the space is utilized inside and you won’t feel cramped with the 9-foot ceilings. It it well-lit with 12 windows and has several unique features such as a half spiral/half winding staircase, a breakfast nook I lovingly refer to as “the booth,” and a HUGE backyard.

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In November 2018 I was contacted by an industry friend saying that he knew I had my own Airbnb but had I ever managed someone else’s. I hadn’t however with my extensive event management experience in addition to managing my own Airbnb for over a year I felt up for the task. Turns out the owner of the James C. Butler House and I clicked really quickly. It was a great fit and I’ve been happily helping them manage their property ever since.

The James C. Butler House is more than just a house. It’s an interactive experience with a piece of Kentucky history. During your stay you will see original hardwood floors and finishes gracefully combined with modern convenience and furnishings. It is the perfect blend of modern and original. This 170-year-old home will take you back in time while providing a comfortable resting place for your visit to Lexington.

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