This is my little family. We became a family of four on 7.11.17. Talk about some angel numbers! 1’s and 7’s have always been pretty lucky numbers in my family but I really had no idea the changes my family would experience after Emma’s birth. Within a span of 6 weeks, I had a baby, got married, and moved out of the tiny house I painstakingly designed, built, and decorated. The upheaval in my life at that point was expected and planned as well as it could have but like all transition it was hard.

1’s and 7’s indicates that you may experience good fortune which will lead to the manifestation of your heart’s desires. Your determination and efforts are to be rewarded.
– Joanne Sacred Scribes

Emma’s birth wasn’t at all what I expected or, dare I say, wanted. I intended for a home birth, in the birthing tub, in the living room of my tiny house. What I got was a surgical birth, commonly referred to as a c-section, and a broken heart.

People are quick to dismiss a mother’s feelings when her birth plan doesn’t go her way. “Oh… you know birth plans never pan out.” “Things never go as planned in childbirth.” “At least you have a healthy baby!” All sentiments thrown my way that invalidated my feelings. Not only did I feel completely broken, I began to doubt my very belief in the Divine. This was just one more scenario where I did everything “right” and things still went horribly “wrong.”

Fast forward 4 weeks and I’m fine on the surface but underneath, I’m a mess. I didn’t feel right, I wanted to run away, and my baby cried all. the. time. She couldn’t help it, I couldn’t help it, and my poor husband was barely keeping it together between working and lack of sleep. Sure, this image is picture perfect, but that’s the beauty of a snapshot. You can fake it. My husband has a degree in acting, literally.

Around that time a class about essential oils came across my Facebook news feed that piqued by interest. It was about using oils to support your emotional state. I read the information and it was an immediate “yes” for me. Shortly thereafter I got my Premium Starter Kit with Young Living and my life completely changed.

All her perceived obstacles were actually detours in the right direction.
– Gabrielle Bernstein, The Universe Has Your Back

Time after time, the Universe has guided me and even when I don’t understand, especially when I don’t understand, I end up exactly where I’m supposed to be. Where I’m supposed to be right now is running parallel businesses: holistic wellness and management. There really aren’t defined lines to answer “so what do you do for a living?” anymore. I follow the bread crumbs that the Universe leaves for me and trust that there is a plan far greater than mine.